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  • What materials are your items made from?
    We use mainly PLA for our 3D prints, we use variety of paints, resin, vinyl and thermoplastics to make up any additions needed. if you need another material to be used, please specify your requirements in your message to us and we will be more than happy to try an accomodate your request.
  • Is there a shop location I can visit?
    Unfortunately not, we are an online shop ran from our private residence in Belgium. We are happy to arrange pick up for your order if that is an option for you. Otherwise we rely mostly on shipping our items via Post NL and Bpost.
  • How do I place a custom order?
    Please check the commissions tab for detials or contact us regarding any questions you have.
  • Can I order bulk items?
    Unfortuanately we cannot provide that type of service at the moment, we are a small business.
  • Do you offer any sponsorships or discounts?
    No we do not currently offer any sponsorships or discounts. Follow us on instagram for any updates in the future.
  • My order is lost or damaged, can you help me?"
    Yes we would love to help you and in order to do so - we need you to provide all the details you have on your shipment, if the shipment is lost - just need to be sure that no one in your household or neighbours had accidentally received the order or forgto to mention it's delivery. if the order was damaged, we need photo proof of the parcel itself and the item to enable us to file for damage insurance so we can cover our costs of making a new item to replace yours.
  • Do you make resin prints?
    We currently do not have access to a resin printer, but that might change in the future. Follow us on instagram for further updates!
  • Can you model something in 3d / animate something?
    Sorry, we only make 3d files for items to be printed and do not provide our files to our clients, only the finished printed object.
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