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3D prints commissions

We are happy to take on your 3D print requests, be it from provided 3D files you give us or we make the design ourselves and print it. 

What can we do? 

3d printers are an amazing gadget, that gives us an outlet for creativity, so the following list is simply an example of what we can make:  

- tabletop game miniatures and figures

- tabletop game accessories such as dice towers and terrain props

- cosplay accessories such as buttons, emblems, crowns, masks etc.

- cosplay props such as weapons and armor

- collectibles such as original or custom design figures and toys 

What you need to do? 

Contact us via the website, or send us an email or message us on the facebook page. 

We need the exact details provided for your request such as: 

- Images of the item you want to have made

- dimensions of the item (or measurements for cosplay parts)

- if you have the STL or OBJ files 

- if you need us to design the item from scratch

- deadline of when you need your order

- since most 3d props and bigger figures need to be printed in smaller parts, do you want the item assembled or you wish to have it assembled yourself?

- do you want us to paint the item or you only need the raw print? 

- read the store policy and let us know that you "agree to the terms" in your message. 

Once we have received your message we will get back to you as soon as possible with an estimate on the price for your order, then there will be a listing set up here on the website and a link provided to you so you can make the payment for it. 

If an order is of a higher price, it is possible to arrange a payment plan for it, just let us know. 

* Please note that there is no flat rate for orders, since each request is unique, and each item is different; The price is calculated with factoring in material costs + print hours + work hours (3d modeling, setting up files, sanding, assembling and painting the items as needed)

** also we do not make 3d files for sale, nor will a 3d file be provided to you with your commission order. You may contact independent 3d artists for such work. 

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