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We are still new in this field but we aim to do our very best to meet our client's expectation, and we hope to continue to improve our services.

What do we need from you? 
Simple! an open line of communication - be it with clear instructions on your custom order or with constructive feedback regarding any order you get, that is to help us better our services further. The cosplay and table top gaming community is small and word of mouth and recommendations really matter to us, so the smallest effort is appreciated. 


Any information submitted through the website, email or Facebook are private between us and the client, we do not share your information or order details with any third party. 

Sales policy

  • Any ready made item listed on the shop (ready for sale items only) can be returned or exchanged within a period of 14 days (only for online orders) 

  • Returns will only be accepted in the case of receiving the item in it's original condition, without any alterations (such as glue, paint, sanding, etc)

  • If the item was damaged during shipping we will need enough evidence of the damage to file claim for the insurance in order to get our costs covered and make you another item to replace it. So please provide us with all the required information.

  • Lost items, also need all the required information for the insurance coverage to help us with the costs of replacing the item for you.

Commission policy

  • Any custom order will have 20% non refundable booking fee

  • All orders must be paid for before shipping or pick up. No exceptions

  • When an item is finished we will send you photos of it, if you approve of everything, we ship out your order.

  • Any custom made orders are final sale items you cannot return the item for a refund, if there is a defect or damage on the item, we will be happy to work with you to fix the issue. 

  • Any deadline provided we will aim to meet however if we miss a provided deadline on a custom order, it does not cause the order to be cancelled - it will just arrive to you at the soonest possible date or you can arrange a different deadline for that item. 

  • If you want to change your mind about your order :

    • cancel the order? if the work on the order is not started yet,  we can cancel your order and refund you all you paid minus the booking fee and any costs on materials that is specially purchased for the order (such as gems for a crown or leather for a shoulder strap, etc

    • alter the order, pick another item?​ you will have to pay a new booking fee as that covers our time in doing research for materials and setting up any 3d files for the project. 

  • Paying in installments is possible but we only start working on your order when at least 50% of the order is paid, and we will only deliver an item when 100% of the order is paid. 

  • We have the right to cancel your order at any moment for any reason, in that case you will normally receive a full refund within 30 days from cancelling. 

  • We have a rather busy schedule so please refrain from contacting us regarding updates, only a reminder every now and then if it is a long term order is not an issue, but we cannot simply invest too much time responding to clients with small updates. If there is anything worth mentioning we WILL contact you out of our own accord.

  • We do not send WIPs, be it because most WIPs look rather dull and may not have taken shape yet, or be it to avoid any remarks on our process. 

  • You do not get any digital files for your item, unless this is a file you originally provided, then we have no claim on it - but any files we produce, are our own property. 

  • Sizing issue? if the item we are making for you arrives in an odd size, we will replace it for you the soonest we can free of charge. however if the item is made according to dimensions or measurements you provided - you will have to pay at least a part of the cost for the replacement item, amount will be depending on what item it is and the degree of size difference. 

  • Please credit us for the items we made for you if you post a photo of it. 


- Bankcontact/ pin

- Credit / Debit Cards


- Offline Payments

Payment Methods
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